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At the Culver Town Council meeting Tuesday, the Council voted to allow the High School administration to have access to the electronic sign. The school will be required to follow the Town’s policy on what can be posted, but this should take this off the Clerk’s plate and allow better allocation of this resource, i.e. fewer instances of just Time/Temperature postings.

I think this is a good first step. Adding school functions here is a better allocation of the resource, but if that’s all that’s done, it is still going to be underutilized. As discussed in a previous post, we’re missing the cross-county advertising potential, a Stellar Region goal, as well as missing the visitor events. Hopefully the school will step up and post those events too.

Barring that, I think it would make sense to give Amber Cowell, Executive Director of the Culver Visitor Center, one of these access keys. I would trust her implicitly, but for those who wouldn’t, she is a Town employee, subject to the associated controls that go along with that. I am confident that Amber would make sure all the Culver events were listed. (It would be a literal part of her job.) I am also confident she would take the initiative to get us listed on the surrounding community signs as was the original goal. I truly believe that if we start that kind of networking, it will quickly become a two-way street and the cross-advertising goal will be reached.

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