Well, I guess the 404 neighbors parried. (Previous Post: En Garde!) Where I thought we had an understanding; apparently not. At the 1/17/23 Plan Commission meeting, I asked for the fence to be brought into compliance. That was written into the lot combination agreement.

From my initial request that the fence be brought into compliance, I backed off and agreed to an intermediate solution. After a meeting at the site with the fence owner & Town Manager, I drew up what was discussed/what I expected, sent it to the Town Manager, and she shared it with the Plan Commission and the 404 fence owners. All appeared right with the world, until the work was completed differently than agreed.

So, Counter Parry… Back to the Plan Commission… I gave the Plan Commission an update. There position was to go back to the original agreement in their minutes and require the fence to be brought into compliance 8/31/23. So, I guess we wait until the end of the Summer to see what the next steps are. I’m guessing this won’t be resolved until at least this Fall…

It sucks to argue with the neighbors. It never ends with positive results. Unfortunately, sometimes, you have to take the extra steps to get what’s right. I follow the rules and expect others to do likewise.

What I expected: Panel #1 removed, Panel #2 cut down to 30″ height with 30″ transition
What I got: Panel #1 was removed. Panel #2 transitions across the entire length.

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