Municipal Projects

Easterday Construction Co., Inc. has completed many municipal projects for communities and government entities in our area.  These projects are generally awarded by public bid, requiring bonding and often Davis Bacon Prevailing Wages or Common Wages.  From our early roots, we have participated in public bids and they remain an important part of our portfolio.

Easterday Construction has completed projects for the following municipal facilities:

Town of Argos

  • Park Restroom/Concession Stand
  • Park Pavilion

Town of Bass Lake

  • Fire Station

Town of Culver

  • EMS Garage Roof
  • Street Garage Roof
  • State Street Renovation
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • Water Treatment Plant

Town of Kewanna

Libraries – Culver Union Township Public Library

Elkhart County

  • Welfare Office

Fulton County

  • Welfare Office

Kosciusko County

  • Courthouse Dome Repair
  • Courthouse Foundation Repair

Marshall County

  • Highway Garage
  • Welfare Office

Pulaski County

  • County Jail

City of Goshen

  • Mayor’s Office (Remodel of Carnegie Library for offices)

City of Rochester

  • Rochester Community Resource Center

City of Kingsford Heights

  • Waste Water Treatment Plant

Woodlawn Hospital

  • OBGYN Remodel
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