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At Tuesday night’s Culver Town Council Meeting, Town Manager, Ginny Munroe reported on the annexation progress for the “Tamarack Road project”. This is the storage facility project proposed by Beachview Properties LLC at 18710 Tamarack Road.

I get why it is referred to by the Tamarack Road moniker since that is the property address, but it has me thinking about the future. While this is truly none of my business, I would anticipate the future business on that site will want a West Shore Drive address. That would be more recognizable than Tamarack. But will it or should it remain Tamarack Road after the annexation?

Currently South Main Street becomes Tamarack Road at the town limits. I’d need to consult our local historians, Jeff Kinney or Kurt Garner, but I assume South Main Street was Tamarack Road until some point in the past. This seems likely since on the north side of Culver, School Street becomes Tamarack Road again at the town limits.

I assume the street/road will need to be addressed by the Town and County as part of the annexation processes. Situations like this, where one side of the road is annexed, but not the other side aren’t particularly clean. The County is generally more than happy to transfer the road and it’s associated maintenance to the Town. The Town generally wants to negotiate some kind of split where costs are shared until such time as the other side is annexed. This leads to fun questions like does each entity only plow their half during snow events?

Beachview Properties Tamarack Rd Site

Assuming the Town and County work out some amicable agreement, what happens to the name? Does it remain Tamarack Road or does it become the next section of South Main Street? Circling back to the address question, would the future business see more benefit to addressing themselves as being on Main Street?

In all reality, is South Main Street really the appropriate name for even the existing portion of this street? Generally “Main Street” designates the main business district of a community. (Often communities move on and Main Street becomes relegated to a side street.) In my limited knowledge, there were only one business on that section of street in the past. There was a florist shop on the east side of the street just north of the Masonic Cemetery. That business has been gone for decades. Currently South Main Street is solely residential and assuming the Comp Plan is followed, not to mention the current plans for The Dunes, this area will be totally residential for the foreseeable future. Given that and the fact that it doesn’t even line up with Main Street proper, makes the naming question more interesting.

I don’t really have strong feelings on any of this. Just musing about the possible future and it’s ties to the past…


After writing Tamarack multiple times in this post, I took a drive down this road and didn’t spot a single Tamarack tree, thus I’m assuming the name is due to Marshall County’s peculiar choice to name north-south roads after trees in a mostly alphabetical order.

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