Damore Amphitheater – Boulders Arrive

Some of the boulders arrived on site last week. Here are a few of them staged and ready to place. Unfortunately there are four truckloads waiting for trucks to deliver them. The quarry is struggling to find transportation to make their deliveries. Our supplier is chasing options and we hope to have the rest of the materials on site soon. FH Deck has already completed most of the demolition on site. We have completed the electrical demolition in the Beach Lodge in preparation for connections to the new pavilion too. We should be ready to rock and roll (pun intended) once the rest of the stone arrives.

Young Amphitheatre

This isn’t the only outdoor amphitheater project Easterday Construction has built in Marshall County. In 1995 we built the Plymouth Performing Arts Center which later became the William and Mary Young Amphitheater on Randolph Street in Plymouth’s Centennial Park. That facility has become instrumental in bringing live entertainment to Plymouth and has been an enhancement to the Blueberry Festival. No doubt the new Damore Amphitheater will have a similar effect on Culver’s summer performing arts offerings and should be an enhancement to Lake Fest each year.

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