Damore Amphitheater – Preconstruction Meeting

We had the preconstruction meeting for the Damore Amphitheater this morning. We had all the staking completed and the tiers painted on the grass… but the paint didn’t show up too well through the snow! (See Right) Happy April!!! Not exactly the way we wanted to start the project…

The timelike on this calls for completion by Memorial Day. Despite the snow fall Mother Nature so rudely dropped on us today, we should still be good to go for that. There may be some plantings that stretch that date if the nurseries can’t open, but it’s too soon to be pessimistic about that. We have most of our orders placed and should be good to go with all of the hardscape.

Conceptual Drawing

FH Decks and Landscaping, Inc. will be our major subcontractor on this project, completing the earthwork, stone work and landscape installation. We wanted to keep this project local and were happy that it turned out that way.

This project was part of Culver’s Stellar Communities application in 2016, but through fundraising and other grants, Culver was able to move forward on this project without Stellar. This was done through IHCDA’s Patronicity program. That made room for other project funding in the 2017 Stellar application. Thanks go to the Damore family stepping up as the lead sponsor. Their leadership was invaluable.

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