Pocket Neighborhoods

I had written a blog post a couple of years ago about Pocket Towns.  Recently Brent Martin of SRKM Architects sent me a link discussing Pocket Neighborhoods by a different architectural firm with a similar concept.  Brent alluded to this as a possible Affordable Housing solution for Culver.  As with my previous blog post, I can see this having potential in Culver and for Sand Hill Farm.  Currently there is a similar concept, though not an attempt at Affordable Housing, winding its way through a PUD approval at the Culver Plan Commission.  It is a development under consideration on the north side of town that I’m watching with interest.  The PUD framework would allow for the necessary zoning adaptations, but does require a commercial element.  I think the PUD under current consideration is stretching that concept, but technically meets it.  I think it can be done more effectively though.

I continue to think the pocket neighborhood idea is intriguing and while I do not see this working for a large development, I do see how it can be a part of a larger development and could be adapted to an Affordable Housing model.  Below is a sketch from the Pocket Neighborhood website that shows the concept.  Very interesting.



Picture sources:  Pocket Neighborhoods

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