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Sand Hill Farm – Pocket Towns

I’m still trying to figure out how granite curbs were affordable in central Florida at the turn of the century when there wouldn’t be a quarry within hundreds, if not a thousand miles.

Sand Hill Farm – Zero Lot Line Homes

For a municipality, zero lot line developments maximize the use of available utilities as they require less frontage and the corresponding reduction in water, sanitary sewer and storm sewer lines for the homes.

Sand Hill Farm – Front Porch

The car as your way out of the neighborhood became more important than the porch as a connection to the neighborhood.

Sand Hill Farm – Fairfield Commons Comparison

Fairfield Farms is a P.U.D. (Planned Unit Development). It has a mix of single family homes, apartments and townhouses.

Sand Hill Farm – PUD

Sand Hill Farm is the working name of the Planned Unit Development (PUD) that I plan to submit for consideration to the Culver Plan Commission.

Sandhill Farm – Suwanee Town Center

The Suwanee Town Center states their vision as “live…work…play…shop.” This is something I would like to emulate in my proposed Sand Hill Farm development.

The Paddocks Apartments Update April 3rd, 2020

A lot has gone on at The Paddocks apartments in Culver since our last post here. This LIHTC housing project will provide Entry-Level Housing for Culver Families later in 2020.

NYE: 2019

Happy New Year from everyone at Easterday Construction Co., Inc.!

Water Conservation

Even though fresh water is fairly plentiful in our area of Indiana, the cost of obtaining potable water continues to rise.

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