Living in a Box!

Shipping Container Home

As the song goes, “I’m Living in a Box”.  Maybe this is an answer to Culver’s Affordable Housing Crisis?  I ran across this on the Viralands site.  I’ve seen several different versions of Shipping Container Construction, many of them designed as affordable housing, including some that are multi-story which I showed here before. I think this is one of the more attractive ones though.  There are more pictures at the site here.

Currently this would not fly under Culver’s Zoning Ordinance without a variance since the square footage would be too small.  It would probably also spark a spirited discussion with the County Building Inspector since it wouldn’t fit neatly into current building codes.  It is an interesting concept though and at the stated $2,000 for a used shipping container, it would be hard to beat that price for the shell of your new home.  This would have to be some of the ultimate recycling as well, so it’s definitely green!

Picture Source:  Viralands

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