Rick Hensley

Rick (Richard Ray Hensley II)

Easterday Construction Co., Inc. has lost another good friend. Rick passed away last week and I attended his funeral today. Rick battled cancer against the odds his Doctors were giving him, and he outlived the expiration date they gave him through sheer will and love for his family. He always had a passion for life and a positive attitude. Losing this friend at only 45 years old is heartbreaking.

Rick and his company, Artizan Flooring, has done multiple projects for us over the years. I’ve never had a second thought about taking him to meet a client. He not only made a good impression for himself and his company, but also for Easterday Construction. He also respected that relationship, looking out for our reputation as well as his. I could always trust him to make the best recommendation possible and to follow through on whatever he said. He would never consider end-running us on a client we introduced to him.

As an example of Rick’s integrity, on one of our first projects together, he made a recommendation at Sand Hill Farm Apartments for the installation of a sound dampening underlayment beneath the vinyl plank flooring in the second floor units. Within 6 months of the installation, the vinyl plank began losing adhesion and curling. Rick fought with the manufacturer over this and when he received no satisfaction from them, he removed the plank, removed the underlayment and reinstalled the plank at no cost to us… because he had told us it would work and it didn’t. That made a huge impression.

While Rick will be missed, we hope to continue our relationship with his wife Amber. She assumed the leadership of Artizan Flooring when Rick had to step back and continues to move the business forward. If you have any flooring or tile needs, please search them out at their Plymouth store. I am confident they will continue forward with Rick’s credo.

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