NYE: 2019

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Happy New Year from everyone at Easterday Construction Co., Inc.! As with most years, 2018 was full of wins & losses, successes & frustrations, progress and stagnation.

Sand Hill Farm Apartment rending by SRKM Architecture

Our biggest project of 2018 was Sand Hill Farm apartments. Starting out as a bright spot in our participation in Culver’s Stellar program, it has been plagued by delays, affected by internal and external forces. Despite that, I’m pleased with the way it is shaping up and I’m proud that we can take this step towards relieving Culver’s housing crunch and at the same time bring new families to the community. All in all, we should be able to point to it as a success when this 24 unit apartment building opens in early 2019.

Conceptual Drawing by Troyer Group

We also completed work on the Damore Amphitheater at the Culver Town Park. This was a project originally on the Town of Culver’s 2017 Stellar application that they were able to accelerate with the help of Patronicity. This project was completed in late Spring.

New Restroom finishes with wainscot, drywall, mirrors and countertops

2019 also saw several projects at the Culver Community Schools. We completed a new entrance and vestibule moving the main entrance for the Middle and High School to the west side of the media center which will now serve as the new offices. This moves the offices to a more central location in the school. A second project saw renovations to the main restrooms, updating and modernizing them. The institutional block wall finish that served the rooms since the 60’s were updated with a decorative tile wainscot, with drywall above that. New toilet fixtures, toilet partitions, lights and acoustical ceiling tile all helped bring a modern look to the facilities.

A milestone event this year was accepting the State of Indiana’s Half Century Award. As near as we can determine, Easterday Construction is actually around 90 years old, but who knows if the award will still be given 10 years from now? Better to accept the half century now. I can tell you that Governor Holcomb and IEDC did a nice job with the event, making all of the attendees feel suitably honored. I want to thank my niece Nikole again for being my escort and personal photographer.

So it looks like I’ve been mainly positive here, so it’s probably a good time to close this before I find something negative. All and all it’s been a good year. I hope it has been the same for all of our friends and clients. Once again, best wishes for a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year!

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