Sand Hill Farm is Part of Culver’s Stellar Application

Stellar Sand Hill Farm 1 Pilot News 6-23-16The Sand Hill Farm project that has been discussed extensively here is part of the Stellar Communities application that Culver has submitted. I would assume most of you reading this are aware that Culver has made the first cut and is one of the three finalists for the 2016 award. As part of the public education process, an article appeared in the Pilot News (see right – The continuation of the article can be viewed here.) on yesterday. Jonathan Leist, Culver Town Manager, did a nice job describing what has brought us to this point.

The Troyer Group has completed some preliminary sketches based on my preliminary vision of phasing for the project. One of those is included in the article to the right. They have also included some preliminary sketches of the potential housing which I will share here when I get the chance.

As part of this process, I appeared before the Plan Commission in May and received their blessing on annexation of the eastern half of my property. At the following Town Council Meeting, on June 12th and formally requested voluntary annexation. They agreed to this and have begun that process. There will be a public hearing on the annexation in the near future. More on that here soon too.

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