The Paddocks Ribbon Cutting

The ribbon cutting for The Paddocks Apartments in Culver is scheduled for July 24th. We’re working on making this a town event. We have sent out invitation to local civic groups and the Chamber of Commerce is working on recruiting businesses to participate.

The Paddocks is the result of years of local work to solve Culver’s Workforce Housing issue. This began with with citizen input pointing out the need in the last Comprehensive Plan effort. That lead to the creation of a Workforce Housing Committee. From that committee came the research that lead Culver to pursue Stellar designation. The main goal in pursuing Stellar was to qualify for a tax credit set-aside for a Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) project. That project is The Paddocks.

506 Cavalier Drive under construction

From its construction start to in 2019 to its completion this year, The Paddocks has been observed closely. It has prompted Plymouth and LaPaz to pursue a LIHTC project under Marshall County. This ribbon cutting is the culmination of this.

As we’ve discussed in our invitations, The Paddocks has brought 25 new families to Culver so far. It is up to the rest of Culver’s citizens, businesses and civic groups to make these new residents into community members and good citizens.

L.G. Suzanne Crouch

Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch will be here to help celebrate the project Part of her duties as Lieutenant Governor is to oversee OCRA and IHCDA. OCRA oversees the Stellar program and IHCDA oversees the tax credit program. L.G. Crouch was here when Culver first achieved Stellar designation, so we’re pleased that she can come back and see the fruits of our labor.

We’re hoping this is an event that is the start of something good for Culver. Those 25 new families have brought 20 new kids to Culver Schools and some of these new residents are already working in local businesses. This is a great opportunity for Culver to come together.

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