Culver Knox Box Program

Since the walk-thru with the Emergency Services Personnel last week, I have made several presentations on a proposed Knox Box program for Culver.  Initially I spoke on this topic with the Town Council on Tuesday the 14th.  The Fire Chief and the EMS Director were both at that meeting and were charged by the Council to come up with a program.  They also asked the Clerk to look into any insurance implications.  The Council also agreed with my recommendation that it go before the Plan Commission as a possible addendum to the Zoning Ordinance so that when additional Knox Boxes are installed, they are installed in a uniform fashion.  I agreed to carry that suggestion to the Plan Commission, which I did on Tuesday the 21st.  They expressed interest as well, though no action was taken to move this forward at this time.

I have also contacted the Culver School System regarding this new program as I think they should consider implementing it.  The Culver Union Township Library has also expressed interest.  I’m hoping the program will take off!  This will bring Culver in line with other area communities.

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