Culver Garden Court – Permission to Occupy!

This past Tuesday we had our PTO (Permission To Occupy) meeting with HUD for the Culver Garden Court.  This released the building to the property management company (Bradley Residential Management, formerly Real Estate Management) and they started to move furniture in that day.   There were a few minor cleaning issues and some general touch-up items to be completed and they are underway.  We will be moving the equipment and trailers off the site this week.  The first residents will be moving in on Monday of next week!  We’ve had to kick one future resident out multiple times over the past month as he’s been impatient to move in!  Ha!

Due to the timing for completion of this building, there were a few items escrowed including the landscaping.  This is scheduled for installation later this Spring.  If our Spring comes in as mild as the Winter has been, we should be able to get an early start on it.  Since it includes seeding, we don’t want to push this too early though.

We think this has been a successful project and we have gone over and above since it’s in our home town.  There will be an announcement for an Open House and Ribbon Cutting coming out soon which we’ll include as a post here.  We look forward to seeing you there!

We’ve included a few additional pictures after the jump.

Screen Porch as seen from South Main Street

Standard Apartment Kitchen


Accessible Apartment Kitchen


Community Room Kitchenette


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