Lt. Governor Holcomb

Lt. Governor Eric Holcomb

Lt. Governor Eric Holcomb

I had the opportunity to meet Lt. Governor Holcomb when he was in Culver to to get a personal preview of our bid for Stellar Communities on July 8th. He didn’t get the video and golf cart tour, but we walked the park and had one on one conversations about Culver and what Stellar would mean to the community. This was before the shake-up in the Governor’s race and his ascension to the Republican candidacy. I found him to be personable and the questions he asked to be insightful. I have met some politicians who are obviously just smiling and nodding while off in their own world. I felt that Holcomb was engaged and truly interested. I would fully expect to be able to ask him questions about that visit and have him remember the discussion. That’s not always the case when State officials blow in and out of town…

As my lurkers no doubt know, Easterday Construction has been a member of ABC, Associated Builders and Contractors, for decades and I have represented the Northwest Council (previously the Michiana Council) on the state board of directors for many years. I am pleased that ABC has stepped up to endorse Eric Holcomb for Governor of Indiana. (See the endorsement below). My impression is that he will do a fine job. Unlike the national election, I think this is a place where I have the opportunity to vote for a good candidate that will do a good job, rather than voting for the lessor of evils… That doesn’t happen often enough…


Associated Builders and Contractors Endorses Eric Holcomb for Governor
Indianapolis, IN, 9/21/16– Associated Builders and Contractors of Indiana/Kentucky (ABC) announced today that it has endorsed Eric Holcomb’s candidacy for Governor of Indiana.

John Roop, the 2016 ABC Board Chairman stated, “Indiana is moving in the right direction economically due to our strong Republican leadership in the Governor’s office. Eric Holcomb and Suzanne Crouch will continue this great leadership for the continued betterment of our state.”

“The goals and the values set forth by the Holcomb-Crouch ticket align perfectly with those of ABC, “ said J.R. Gaylor, President of ABC Indiana/Kentucky, “We share a belief in the freedoms that allow economic development and job growth, which, in Indiana, have far exceeded most other states during the last 16 years of Republican leadership. At ABC, we see no reason to change this positive trajectory.”

ABC Indiana/Kentucky is the leading voice of promoting free enterprise within the construction industry. ABC’s merit shop philosophy drives member services, political advocacy, and the need for all types of industry training and education.


Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) of Indiana/Kentucky represents commercial and industrial contractors, who believe in the merit shop philosophy. ABC Indiana/Kentucky and 69 other chapters around the country help members develop people, win work, and deliver that work safely, ethically, and profitably for the better of the communities in which ABC and its members work. Visit us at and

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