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February 7, 2015

Kevin Berger


Martin MCEDC GraphicBrent Martin of SRKM Architects shared a graphic he came up with for Marshall County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC).  I included it to the right.  Per Brent, “After reading an article where I learned our congressional district is #2 in the nation in percentage of employment in industry – and IN #3 is number one – I came up with this little graphic…”  He put the dot in the “i” in Indiana over Marshall County for emphasis.  Pretty neat.  Also interesting to read the ranking information that he found.

That information ties in well with the graphic MCEDC uses regularly which shows a population of nearly 31 million people within 200 miles of Marshall County.  No wonder Industry congregates in our area!  Visit MCEDC’s site to find out more about Marshall County and our potential.

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