Garage Remodel

PreConstruction South Facade

We were recently commissioned to renovate an old garage in Culver.  There is nothing more “green” than repurposing an existing structure.  Plus in this case the existing structure sits on the property line, so to maintain the current access and location, it had to be remodeled rather than be rebuilt.  The existing structure had two walls bowed to the point of being nearly off the foundation.  The entire structure was out of plumb in at least two directions, one by approximately 5″ in 7′!  It was a rather sad structure.  In its pre-renovation condition the local squirrels were getting more use out of it than the property owner.  New concrete walks, aprons and a new concrete floor were completed in conjunction with our work by another contractor.

Preconstruction North & East Facades

This structure was not the best built in Culver when we arrived at the site.  It appears that it was not originally built “square”.  We tackled it with the intention of making the best of what was available.  We started by grouting the block cores full in the foundation wall where the bottom plate had moved.  The allowed us to pull the wall back into position and anchor the wall to the foundation in the correct position.  We then reconnected the tie rafters to square the top of the wall.  We were only able to partially achieve this goal as shelving had been added which held the wall slighly out of plumb.

At the corners we pushed and pulled them back to as close to plumb as possible.  Sheets of OSB sheathing were installed on the inside of the walls at the corners to provide diaphragm framing.   This diaphragm framing held the studs in place at their corrected locations.

New South & West Facades

The existing windows had been installed without headers.  We reconstuctioned these openings with headers and installed new windows.  The existing entry door was replaced with a standard door size.  The existing sliding doors were replaced with sectional overhead doors.  We also added new electrical wiring, replacing the old knob & tube wiring.  Electrical wiring was brought underground from the house connecting to the existing electrical panel.  GFI duplexes (inside and outside), interior lights and exterior wall sconces were added.

New North & East Facades

To finish out the exterior cosmetic changes we installed new siding, new soffit, new fascia and new architectural shingles.  The resulting facelift was a phenominal improvement.  Our client should take up a collection!  I think the whole neighborhood has been improved by this renovation.

The owner is pleased and christened the renewed structure by camping out in it with her children the first night it was complete.

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