Shore Club of Bass Lake

The Shore Club of Bass Lake opened Memorial Day weekend earlier this year.  We were pleased to work with Jane Sheets and Ed Rickman on this project from the start as we previously discussed in this entry regarding the BZA hearing for the project.  We want to wish them the best of success with this new venture!

As is often the case with remodel projects, we found additional code violations, structural and electrical problems that were concealed.  We worked closely with the new owners to make sure that the items under our contract were corrected properly.  This can become a little frustrating when you’re working under a tight deadline to get the planned work complete and then suddenly have new requirements thrown into the mix.  Fortunately we were able to make these changes and complete our work on time.

The Shore Club was featured in an article in the Pilot News Weekend Addition, August 6-7, 2011, in which Jane and Ryan Sheets discuss their vision for the new Shore Club.  They have worked hard to keep the feeling of nostalgia for those familiar with the Shore Club of the past, while adding new features such as outdoor patio dining and banquet facilities.

Culver has become well known for our restaurants.  Jane is a Culverite and she is hoping to spread that reputation west to Bass Lake.  If you haven’t done so, give them a try! 


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