A Big Week for Culver Garden Court

Real Estate Management Flyer describing Culver Garden Court Amenities

The week of 8/16/10 was a big week for the planned Culver Garden Court project.  On Tuesday, August 17th, I presented the Minor Subdivision plan for the Wade & Claudia McGee Subdivision to the Culver Plan Commission for approval.  Culver allows Minor Subdivisions  of property consisting of three or less parcels to be completed with a single presentation.  This presentation went smoothly and was accepted by unanimous vote.  All members of the Plan Commission seemed pleased that the project was moving forward.

On Thursday, August 19th, Brent Martin, Project Architect, and I presented the Special Use Permit request to to the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA).  The BZA had a full schedule and we were fifth of five on the agenda.  Brent had the opportunity, whether he wanted it or not, to observe the Culver BZA in action on several things before we presented. 

The Special Use Permit covered several items:  1)  We applied for the Culver Garden Court project as Apartments which are allowed, but require a Special Use Permit under the existing S-1, Suburban Residential, Zoning District.  2)  The 535 sf units are smaller than is generally allowed under Culver’s multi-family housing requirements.  Since this is a HUD project and the 535 sf size is a HUD maximum square footage under 202 projects, the BZA agreed to this change and allowed the project to move forward.  3)  Culver’s parking space standards require 2 spaces per unit.  We were granted a change from the required 26 spaces to 16 spaces.  This has proven to be an adequate ratio on previous Garden Court projects.

Culver’s Board of Zoning Appeals is operating with one vacant seat.  Fortunately this wasn’t an issue and the Special Use Permit was granted unanimously, 4-0.

Dr. Ronald Liechty and Brent Martin presenting highlights of the Culver Garden Court Plan

On Friday, August 20th, there was a press conference at the Culver Union Township Public Library officially announcing the planned Culver Garden Court.  Dr. Ronald Liechty, President of Garden Court, Inc., gave a speech congratulating all involved.  Congressman Joe Donnelly spoke as well, giving accolades to Garden Court, Inc. and his assurances that he did all he could to make this project possible and that he knew that it would be a positive addition to the Culver Community.

Congressman Joe Donnelly speaking at the Culver Garden Court press conference

There was a fair turnout for the event.  Culver Town Council board members Ed Pinder, Lynn Overmyer and Ralph Winters all attended.  Greg Fassett was there representing both Miller’s Merry Manor and also wearing his hat as Culver Chamber of Commerce President.  Representatives from the Garden Court, Inc. Board were there as well as several representatives from Real Estate Management Corp.  Jeff Kenney, Editor of the Culver Citizen, was there reporting for the Culver Citizen/Pilot News.  We ended up with a front page picture and article in the Pilot News, but it didn’t make the website, so I can’t provide a link.  There were citizens there as well and Dr. Liechty fielded several questions from the audience regarding this project specifically and Garden Court in general.

We are currently waiting on plans from B.A. Martin Archtects, P.C. in order to begin pricing.  We hope to have things together for a closing on this project prior to September 30, 2010 which is HUD’s year end.  Unfortunately, we are also waiting on release of the 501(c)3 designation for this project.  We cannot close without that.  Despite all the talk about efforts to expedite projects, Washington still moves slowly on most of these things…  We will be breaking ground on this project as soon as we can get the release.

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