Justice Moment

August 19, 2010

Humor, Personal

Highway 17 between Plymouth and Culver can be frustrating.  There are a number of hills and curves allowing very few places to pass.  There is also a significant amount of traffic in both directions making it difficult to pass when you do reach the few available passing zones.  Add Burr Oak to that, with its inordinately long reduced speed zone and the bypass train stop across the highway.  There have been more than a few times when I’ve come close to a collision with a frustrated (and possibly psychotic) driver coming from the other direction that has chosen to pass on a double yellow with no visibility.  I’ve also been made late by his counterpart, the driver that choses to putt along at 40-45 mph with a line of 15 cars behind him, oblivious to (or again, possibly they’re psychotic) the waves of hate coming from the motorists behind him.

My wife, Becky, had a Justice Moment coming into town last night.  She was coming into Culver to meet me, running late (my fault, not hers), and got stuck behind one of the slow drivers, driving around 40, maxing out at 45, and oblivious to the line of cars behind him and the choice words coming from my sweet wife in car number 6.

She followed him from our house to Burr Oak, but when he got to Burr Oak, he continued into town at 45mph… through the 35mph zone… and met a nice State Trooper waiting for him.  I can picture Becky’s seat dance and fist pump “Yes!” as she and her fellow friends in line paraded by him.  Sometimes it’s the little things that lift our spirits.

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