A Garden Court for Culver (part II)

Culver Garden Court Article from the June 18, 2009 addition of the Culver Citizen

A special meeting of the Culver Town Council was held on June 9, 2009 to discuss the possibility of a Garden Court in Culver next year.  As discussed earlier here, I had approached several property owners around Town about the potential for a Garden Court project on their land.  I was given the opportunity to discuss it with several of them and one, Mr. Wade McGee, has chosen to pursue it with us.  Mr. McGee and I met with the Town Council on the 9th and discussed various goals including water extensions, sewer extensions, fire protection, annexation, rezoning and future plans for that property as well as the adjacent properties.  Some members of the Plan Commission and the BZA attended that meeting as well and the implications regarding their various needs and requirements were also discussed.

All and all the meeting went well.  In premise, it was agreed that Mr. McGee would continue to work with Garden Court on their proposed facility and would request annexation, while the Town Council agreed to extend water and sewer to the property and to support the rezoning of the property from S-1 Suburban Residential to R-2 Residential.  This change is in keeping with the Comprehensive Plan and with other goals currently being pursued by the Town Council.

Following that meeting was the regular Town Council meeting.  At that meeting, Reverend Liechty, President of Garden Court, Inc., renewed their request for the Town Council to support the new Garden Court for Culver and to renew their financial pledge towards the project.  A letter was requested verifying that a Garden Court would be acceptable on the proposed property.  All these things were agreed to by the Council.

It looks like we’re moving forward!

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