Easterday Constuction set a New Record Today…

Record Display created for Easterday Construction Co., Inc.

Record Display created by Easterday Construction for the Culver Boys & Girls Club Fundraiser

Carol Zeglis commissioned the construction of a display piece for use at the Boys & Girls Club Fundraiser.  She wanted a large “Record” that guests could walk through.  This goes with the Fabulous 50’s theme they are using for the this evening’s event.  She wanted something substantial that could be repainted and used again in the future.  The picture shows it in place at the Culver Academy’s Multi-purpose building during preparations for the event. 

We designed this based on concept pictures and design discussions with Mrs. Zeglis.  We constructed this using an expanded foam interior wrapped in a plywood veneer.  It is divided at the top and has removable bases.  In the picture, it is shown before the bases were installed.  It has rope lighting accents around the inner edge.   The diameter of the circle is over 12′ and the record stands approximately 9′ tall.  It is approxiately 19″ thick.  Schoberg & Schoberg from Plymouth did the painting that makes it look like a record.  (Nice job Martha!)  

Fundraiser Cafe' Tables made with tops donated by Easterday Construction.

Fundraiser Cafe' Tables made with tops donated by Easterday Construction.

This is also the event where our table tops will be put to use.  They dressed up pretty nicely with table cloths on them!   These were previously discussed in our blog here.

I was pleased to see the party set up and it’s unfortunate that I won’t be able to attend.  There seemed to be quite a few interesting auction items and it looks like a good time will be had by all! 

Best of luck to Carol and all the organizers.  We hope their efforts are rewarded.  The kids they are serving deserve our support.

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