Culver Library Woes

Starting with a disclaimer on this. I’m not taking sides on any of the “I’m with Esmie” debacle, because I don’t know the facts of the matter. That said, I work with three other libraries and I’m friends with 4 other librarians. I thought some of their comments were worth sharing:

  • All of them have been amazed by the community support for Mrs. Rodgers. The number of names on the petition as a percentage of residents was staggering to them.
  • All of them were dismayed by how the Library Board handled the situation.
  • Two of them said, “Maybe our library should hire her!”
  • One of them told me about attending a library symposium in Wichita, Kansas. When people found out she was from Indiana, she was asked, “What’s going on with the Culver Library!?”
  • Three of them were shocked by the resignations.
  • Three of them were concerned by the rehiring of Mrs. Rodgers before the hiring of a new director.
  • Two of them express concern for the library’s director search due to the notoriety of the situation.
  • Two of them noted that there are still “I’m with Esmie” signs around Culver after her rehiring. They said that those signs would be intimidating to anyone interviewing for the director’s position.
  • Three of them said that at this point, they should just make Mrs. Rodgers the director.

I’m probably writing this a bit late. I don’t know the current status of the Library Director search, but my impression is it will be a challenge to fill the position. I’m not throwing shade on anyone involved, just noting that the eyes of the library world are on us, and in not the best light.

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