DST: Marco Rubio for President?

The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali

It’s another grumpy Time Change Monday. I guess on the positive side, I beat the DST Heart Attack spike. (24% on the Monday after the Spring time change.) I think I beat the 8% spike in strokes, but since I’m a bit groggy today, I’m not as confident about that one!

My lurkers know that I’ve written (bitched) about DST here before. My stance against it hasn’t changed. Some of my past posts have exonerated Ben Franklin’s culpability in this, Exonerated Cows in this, shown that DST is not universal and celebrated Marco Rubio’s championing of ending this.

I have read that the Sunshine Protection Act passed the Senate unanimously last year and then stalled in the House. I understand it passed the Senate again this year and is now in the House. If Senator Rubio declared his candidacy for President and promised to ditch the DST time change, he’d rocket to the top of the heap in my estimation. I know, as much as I liked Governor Mitch Daniels, I still curse him for his part in pushing DST for Indiana.

Not much to do at this point, but suck it up and muddle on. It will be better in a week or so. Doesn’t mean I have to like it though…

If you want some history on DST, Accuweather has a nice write up here.

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