Lurkers Welcome!

I sat through the testimony and public comment on the Maxinkuckee Village project Thursday and Friday last week and learned that I have a few more lurkers than I realized.  My previous blog entry on Maxinkuckee Village was cited directly by one side and I understand the other side references it in some of their online discussions.  For those of you dropping in to see what I said, I thought I would make it easy for you and link that previous entry here.

In Blog-speak, someone that regularly visits a blog site, but doesn’t leave comments is termed a Lurker.  I mentioned that my Aunt Lana had been a lurker on this site before she passed.  I know of a few others that comment on this site to me in person, but not in the comments section.  That’s fine.  Lurkers are welcome here.

I will post some thoughts on these hearings soon if you want to come back.  If you want to comment, feel free.  Comments are moderated, but generally welcome.

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