Berger Audiology, LLC

Rebecca L. Berger, AuD

A lot of you know that my wife, Dr. Rebecca Berger (Becky), has been an audiologist working at The Hearing Clinic, under Otorhinolaryngology, Inc. for over 25 years.  (Both of those entities are now under Allied Physicians of Michiana, also known as APOM.)  This Spring she decided to go out on her own and is starting Berger Audiology, LLC.  She had always hoped to convince The Hearing Clinic to expand the services in Plymouth, but they never saw the potential that she did.  The parting was as amicable as those things can be.  Becky is in the process of finding a location for her new practice, purchasing equipment, developing a logo, developing a website and all the other fun things that go along with starting a new business.

If you want a status update, feel free to contact me here (574) 842-3341.  Julie will know most of what’s happening, but feel free to ask for Kevin and I will give you the latest scoop!


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