Ground Water Monitoring Survey

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) is conducting a Statewide Ground Water Monitoring Survey.  Participation is free and if you are selected for the survey you will receive a copy of the report.

Most of the residences on Lake Maxinkuckee and throughout Marshall County are on wells.  The age of the Lake Maxinkuckee wells may preclude their inclusion in the study, but it can’t hurt to ask.  I’m sure there are conspiracy theories on why this might not be information you want to share, but in my estimation, most people don’t test their wells as often as they should.  This is an opportunity to possibly have the test done for free.  Don’t you want to know if there is something bad in your drinking water?

Here’s a link to the study site with a description of who would be eligible and an application for inclusion in the survey.  The study is statewide, so it should give an interesting picture of our ground water resources.  I signed up for my home which backs up to a golf course.  I had the well tested when I moved in, but have only followed up on that once since that time.  My bad!  This is an opportunity to bring some tax dollars home!

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