Culver Garden Court – Kiwanis

Reverend Liechty and I were the speakers at the Culver Kiwanis meeting last week.  We were asked to give an update on Culver Garden Court, a little about the project and a little about the Garden Court organization.  I spoke first and gave a brief run down on how long it took to make this project happen in Culver, the problems with finding a site, and the cooperation we received from the Town.

I discussed our progress on the project.  (Framing has been completed, roofing is underway, rough-in of plumbing & electrical is underway.)  I also discussed the schedule moving forward.  I also told them of the other Garden Court projects we have completed  in Argos, Bourbon, Knox, Plymouth (Fairfield), Mentone and LaPaz.  There is one planned for Napannee if the funding comes through.

Reverend Liechty then spoke on how Garden Court began with their mission to provide affordable housing that they “would be willing to put their grandmother in”.  He spoke on their constraints and their plans for the future.

Everything was well received and there were good questions as we went along.

As a quick status update, as of yesterday the windows are installed.  Shingles are being installed and were approximately 15% complete yesterday evening.  Internally the draft stops have been installed in the attic.  The electricians and plumbers are working on their rough-in.

With the completion of the framing, we will be looking at beginning some of the initial site work finishes such as curbs and walks.  Asphalt for parking and drives will follow the walks.  We will delay the landscaping until later in the year to get out of the extreme heat.

See Jeff Kenney’s reporting on this presentation in the Pilot News here.

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