Culver Garden Court Trusses Arrive

Beam in Hall Above Entrance to Community Room

Wednesday and Thursday at Culver Garden Court were spent preparing for the arrival of the roof trusses.  The walls were braced and squared.  Beams and columns were installed.  All the little things need to be prepared such as setting anchors at the columns and connecting anchor bolts at the exterior walls.  The beam shown in the picture to the right is pre-engineered laminated wood designed for the load at this location.  It is heavier and stronger than a dimension lumber beam of the same dimensions would be.  The column shown below is dimension lumber.  It is anchored to the pier below with a Simpson fastener designed to not only stabilize it, but to prevent uplift when high winds pull at the porch roof structure.  Upon completion this column will be completely hidden under a decorative facade.

Column on Pier at Main Entrance

Bob Cooper, our site superintendent for this project, and I have been looking over the framing to determine where adjustments need to be made.  We’re generally pleased with the changes that have been made to the panel design since LaPaz Garden Court, but we noted a few areas where we think additional improvements can be made.  We noticed some areas where we think we can combine headers in the future and reduce the wall studs required for support.  Wherever we can remove a stud, we not only save the cost of the stud, but also increase the space available for insulation.  Bob was also the superintendent  for LaPaz Garden Court so he is quite familar with how this project will come together.

First Load of Trusses Ready for installation

The balance of the trusses arrived on Friday.  There are two semi loads like the one in the picture to the right.  Trusses will be set using a combination of extend-a-lift forklifts and a crane.  This installation is planned for Monday.  Weather permitting, we are still on schedule for the main framing to be complete Tuesday.  This should include not only the trusses but also the roof sheathing.  Some minor interior framing will come after the roof is in place, i.e. soffits, blocking and adjustments to non-bearing walls.

Once the roof sheathing is in place, we will be installing shingles on the roof.  This will allow us to be 90% weather tight.  Windows will follow, further closing the building envelope.  Completion of roofing will also allow installation of secondary electrical wiring rough-in.  Installation of plumbing rough-in for all supply lines will begin as well.

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