PIDCO 2011 Annual Meeting

Last Week the Plymouth Industrial Development Corporation (PIDCO) held their annual meeting, the highlight of which was the presentation by Stu Summers on their Destination Downtown initiative to invigorate Plymouth’s Core.  (They also discussed how horrible the existing PIDCO website is.  Ugh!)
 The main thing I took from the presentation was PIDCO’s desire to learn from other communities and capitalize on their successes. They spent time in Valporaiso and developed a non-competitive relationship where the two communities can share ideas and successes going forward. I hope they continue this spirit of cooperation and foster relationships with other nearby communities such as Warsaw and Rochester. This is similar to the initiatives taken by the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC) in their efforts to form relationships with surrounding counties. A rising tide lifts all boatsis an aphorism that can be applied to the economic successes of our towns, cities, counties and regions.
They also took the opportunity to honor Brent Martin who has often been the main impetus in bringing their projects to fruition. It is unclear who is in line to step up to this challenge on the new PIDCO board, but it is clear that they will have big shoes to fill.

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