Culver Academies Boy Scout Headquarters

CEF Boy Scout Headquarters Under Construction

Culver Educational Foundation Boy Scout Headquarters under construction at the Culver Academies Woodcraft Camp

This year is the 100 year anniversary of Scouting in America and as a tribute Culver Educational Foundation has contracted Easterday Construction Co., Inc. to build a new Boy Scout Headquarters in the Woodcraft Camp at Culver Academies.  The structure is a scaled down version of a woodcraft camp cabin.  It is a modified post and beam construction built nearly entirely out of cedar.  The original cabins were designed to sit on piers so that they could be moved if necessary.  There are historical pictures of the original cabin being moved from one location to another on campus.

CEF Woodcraft Camp Craft Pavillion

Culver Academies Woodcraft Camp Craft Pavilion under construction in 2008

Easterday Construction has been responsible for the construction of many projects at Culver Academies over the years and family legend has it that our founder, my great grandfather, Russell L. Easterday, began his construction career with James I. Barnes Construction on a project for the Culver Academies back in the 1920’s.

CEF Woodcraft Camp Counselor's Cabin under construction

CEF Woodcraft Camp Counselor's Cabin near completion of construction in 2008

In recent years at the Culver Academies Woodcraft Camp we built the new Boys’ Showers, renovated both the old girls’ showers and the old boys’ showers, built the new Craft Pavilion and a new Counselor’s Cabin.  All of these have had coordination issues due to accelerated time schedules, environmental preservation regarding site requirements, aesthetics necessary to fit the existing facilities and sensitivity to the safety, security and needs of the young children the camp serves.

On this project as well as the Counselor’s Cabin and Craft Pavilion pictured, we were assisted by Scearce Rudisel Architects with design issues and obtaining the State Plan Releases.  Mary Ellen Rudisel Jordan and her staff have been helpful and responsive on these projects and the fact that she has a former Woodcraft Camper a Chipmunk from the last graduating class of Woodcraft Chipmunks on her staff hasn’t hurt!

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