South Side Update

Tuesday night was the regular meeting of the Culver Plan Commission.   The only agenda item was a replatting of the Rhodes property, combining several lots into one.  This passed with little question. 

Under “Public Input”, John Zehner presented his plans to change the use of the Ten Spot to a restaurant and motel.  The presentation wasn’t required, but was more of a courtesy, keeping the Plan Commission apprised of the change in use.  The Plan Commission also supported this proposal.

I took the opportunity to plant some seeds regarding the development on the south side of Culver, basically outlining the thoughts I had previously presented here.  I was pleased that the Plan Commission was fairly receptive.  They agreed to consider most of what I suggested.  I truly think this is an opportunity for the Town to get out in front of some issues and encourage the type of development they would like to see.  They are considering forming a subcommittee to look into this with the idea that the subcommittee would try and form community partnerships and foster buy-in.  All in all a very positive evening!

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