Marty Easterday’s Passing

Another memorable employee and family member passed this past week. Martin “Marty” Easterday was part of the third generation at Easterday Construction Co., Inc. He was the son of Edward Lee Easterday (affectionally known as “Red”) and grandson of our Founder, Russell L. Easterday. He was the last employee with the Easterday name to work here.

I literally have know Marty all my life. He grew up next door to me and was my “baby-sitter” at times. I idolized him and his brothers Tom & Jim as the older kids that always had some cool project going on and they let me watch the successes, failures and often, havoc!

Marty worked at Easterday Construction Co., Inc. in the seventies and eighties (1965-1985) as a plumber and HVAC tech. During one of my summers off during college, I worked as his assistant. He would often regale me with his college exploits including the parties he went to and the girls and the girls and the girls. He assured me I was doing college wrong and not having nearly enough fun there! Ha! Marty always had the gift of gab and was a natural storyteller… So much so, it was often difficult to tell how much, if any, of the story was fact or fiction. He truly was someone who had a zest for life. He will be missed!

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