State Exchange Bank – 1936

Excerpt from the Culver Citizen, December 15, 2017

The picture to the right was in the Friday, December 15, 2017 edition of the Culver Citizen. As I’ve discussed here before, a portion of Easterday Construction’s early years were spent on the second floor of the State Exchange Bank in downtown Culver. By inference, I believe that we would have been there at this time. (Easterday Construction was started some time in the 1920’s and didn’t move to its current location until the 1950’s.)

I recently toured the second floor of the bank building and assessed some of the facade repairs needed. Even with my experience it’s hard to see the old building pictured here under the remodeled skin that is on it now. It would be interesting to see the plans that made the transition. With the current trend towards preservation, led in Indiana by Indiana Landmarks, pictures like this bring new perspective. From experience, no one took any time to preserve what gets buried since the new facade is an improvement. Why would anyone ever want to go back? Which makes going back cost prohibitive. But the nostalgia of pictures like these can’t help but prompt some bittersweet what-if’s…

Since Easterday Construction resided in the building at that time, I have to wonder if we did the renovation discussed. Did we add the cafeteria? As a tenant, was my great grandfather a regular there? It’s interesting to speculate, but those are things lost to history.

Thanks to Judith Burns for making the picture available to the Citizen through her website.

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