End of an Era

Plaque I received for my time on the Lake Maxinkuckee Environmental Council

Last Friday was my last day as a Lake Maxinkuckee Environmental Fund (LMEF) board member. I decided 20 years was enough. I joined the Lake Maxinkuckee Environmental Council (LMEC) in 1993 and served two 3 year terms. The last two +/- years on the Council, I was Council Chairman, which automatically put me on the Fund. When my Council term ended, I was asked to continue as a Fund board member, which I did.

To the best of my knowledge, I served the organizations longer than anyone else, though Tom Sams may be in the running. I’ve been there to work with all three directors, Karen Dehne, Tina Hissong and Kathy Clark. The three large wetland construction projects were mostly complete when I joined, but I was there through most of the other major projects. I lead the beginning of the renovations to the outlet control structure as Council Chair and then saw it though as a Fund board member. I can walk away proud of my influence on the direction of the organization. I’ve told them that I would be available for consultation as needed, but I’m sure it will be a different board going forward. I believe they benefited from the historical context I could give, but I’m also sure they will find their way without me.

Commemorative Glasses for my time with LMEF. Dates are a little off, but it’s the thought that counts

My tenure length was more the doing of others than myself. I was not interested in taking a leadership position, so I had offered to step down and allow someone with an interest in leadership to step up several times in the past. Past Presidents at those junctures asked me to stay on. I felt I still could contribute on that basis, so I remained. Every board should have a Devil’s Advocate and I often found myself in that position. My sense of history often propelled that. Personally I think that’s more valuable that just saying yes to be agreeable. I hope someone new fills that need for LMEF going forward.

Best wishes to the organization going forward. I hope they are true to the mission set forth by the founders four decades ago.

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