Charley Creek Inn Courtyard Gate

Charley Creek Inn Courtyard Gate

The gate for the courtyard was installed last week. Schlemmer Bros did an excellent job with this. We were particularly pleased with the medallion they created. They originally created the one to cover the fireplace vent (pictured here) at the NE corner of the courtyard. We and the Owner liked it well enough that we asked them to create another one for the entrance gate. We think it gives a touch of class and modern appeal to the classic wrought iron and brick installation.

The gate was installed with a concealed locking system behind the medallion. The gate has drop down rods that will strengthen it in the closed position and also hold it open at 90 degrees during during events. The medallion and locking concept was the vision of us at Easterday Construction, but kudos to Schlemmer Bros for making it happen!

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