Shcool (sic) Choice?

January 27, 2017

Kevin Berger


There’s something sadly funny about an article discussing the quality of schools that misspells school in the title!  Geez! That’s a bold face headline for crying out loud! I don’t know if the mistake is from the original article or the reprinting in the Pilot News, but either way I think it’s a bit embarrassing. Spellcheck anyone?

I seem to be in the minority of people bothered by these things. The other day a tweeted a sign I saw. (here) I had to say something to the manager. Their first response seemed to be irritation at me. <sigh> At least they did take it down. It was one of four that had personnel spelled incorrectly.

I am not above a spelling, typo or grammar error. Look and you’ll probably find one on our site somewhere. Sometimes my fingers get ahead of my brain. I’m still struggling to implement the spacing rule that I learned last year… I guess I expect more from a newspaper where there’s an editor reviewing things though. At least the mistakes in the bold print should jump out at them…

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