Culver Boys & Girls Club Auction

Easterday Construction Co., Inc. was a sponsor for Friday night’s Culver Boys & Girls Club event.  Becky and I attended and, as usual, had a good time.

It is impressive to see the amount of effort put into decorations and other accoutrements for the event.  I know from personal observation how much time and effort board member Carol Zeglis puts into the event and I’m sure she is not the only one.  

This year’s event had a wide range of donated items for the auction and included some interesting extras such as Chicago Blackhawk tickets and a week’s stay in a Mexican condo.  The generosity of the attendees was impressive with many items receiving bids well above their face value.  While there was nothing that Becky and I “had to have”, we did help raise the bids on several items.

Larry Surrisi Executive Chef

Culver Academies hosted the event at the Dining Hall and did a nice job.  Larry Surrisi presided over an impressive buffet and represented them well.  He always has an interesting mix of food choices with new twists on favorites I recognize.  It’s always hard not to walk away without a heaping plate because I want to at least try everything!

The evening’s entertainment was a band from Goshen called the Tumbleweed Jumpers who played an interesting fusion of jazz, rock, blue grass and folk music.  My only minor criticism of the event was that the volunteers began tearing down while the band was still playing.  At our table, we were even asked if they could take our unfinished bar drinks, which made it a little uncomfortable.  I realize that some of the volunteers had been there all day and were ready to call it a day, but I would suggest not having a live band next time if the goal is to encourage guests to leave.

Overall I think a good time was had by all.  Kudos to the volunteers on the Culver Boys & Girls Club board!  Their efforts for Culver’s youth is commendable.  If you’re offered the opportunity to buy a ticket and support the group next year, I recommend you go.  It as a fun evening.

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