Tax Freedom Day 2015

Today is National Tax Freedom Day for 2015.  Fortunately for those of us in Indiana, ours was back around the 18th of April, so this week’s paycheck is ours!

When I was reading this, I ran across this article talking about how poorly Americans did on understanding the U.S. Tax code.  I think I got 80%, but I’m going to agree with the article in saying some of the questions were a bit tricky.  I knew what they were talking about at least, though maybe not the specifics.

If you choose to read the article, check out some of the comments as well.  There was an interesting argument thread between the Taxed Too Much crowd and the Taxes Pay For Benefits group.  I tend to lean toward the former, but the latter made a few good points.

Happy Tax Freedom Day!

Image Source:  Tax Foundation

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