Culver Fall Fest

With Lakefest almost upon us, the Culver Chamber of Commerce is already looking ahead to the Culver Fall Fest.  One of the events they would really like to push is the Scarecrow Contest.  The scarecrow contest has withered, so to speak, over the last few years.  The Chamber believes if they can get a good turn out for this, they can draw in media for a news spot on the scarecrows and thus the rest of the events.  They think critical mass on this will be a minimum of 50 scarecrows.  Put your creative thinking caps on and see what you can come up with!

The entry fee for the contest is $10 and there is a $200 prize for the best scarecrow.  To help support this, I am offering to reimburse the entry fee for any Easterday Construction Co., Inc. employee or employee family member.  (I will ask that they credit Easterday Construction on their entry so we can keep track.)  I will also offer a $100 prize to match the Chamber $200 prize if an ECC entry win!  Kathy and Julie have already accepted the challenge.  Any ECC entries will be highlighted and credit here.

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