The U-Socket from FastMac features built-in USB ports.  It is available in Decora style (shown to the right) and standard style.  With so many smart phones, iPhones, gaming devices and other items that charge from USB style adapters, you need a place to charge without having to search out your charger or having to turn on your computer.  U-Socket provides this.

U-Socket’s built-in smart sensor automatically detects required wattage and only outputs power when it’s needed and shuts off when it’s fully charged.  This makes it a green solution as most chargers continue to try and charge when the device is fully charged or even when the device has been disconnected.  Stoppng this kind of “Vampire Drain” is an easy energy saving solution.

We’re going to suggest this device for home office locations and for those counters in the kitchen or near the door where everything gets dropped when you enter your home. Personally, I’ve started using my phone as an alarm clock and the duplex I plug into isn’t conveniently accessible.  That means I don’t unplug the charger during tthe day.  This appears to be a great solution for this everyday problem.

For more about the costs of vampire drain and how to prevent it, check out the article at the Department of Energy site here.

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