Energizing Indiana Seminar

I attended an Energizing Indiana Seminar on Tuesday in South Bend presented by the Indiana Energy Association.  In our area, the partners that we work with are NIPSCO and AEP(Marshall County REMC has programs as well, but opted out of IURC (Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission) due to what they felt were onerous reporting and oversight requirements and the associated costs.)  There are quite a few incentive programs available to businesses and residential customers as well.  Unlike some of the tax incentive programs such as EPAct, these programs provide checks directly from the Utility Companies which means municipalities and other tax exempt entities should be able to take advantage of them as well.

Many of these programs encourage renovations that will pay savings dividends on their own.  (Green That Saves Green!)  The incentives are there to give the extra kick to encourage implementing them now.   I am planning on researching this further and I will include details here, but if you’re interested in pursuing this, please contact us and we can look into your specific situation now!

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