Culver Garden Court Fire Scare

This past Sunday there was a scare for Culver Garden Court.  Apparently a grass fire in the adjacent field to the south got out of control and crossed onto the Garden Court property.  You can see in the pictures below where it wrapped around the building on the southeast and southwest corners.  It burned some of the existing landscaping, the vegetation in the detention pond and melted the silt fence we had along the property line.  If obviously could have been much worse!

Other than the respiratory concerns from the smoke, the residents were not in danger.  Culver Garden Court is the first Garden Court project to fall under the new fire protection regulations which mandate a sprinkler system.   I’m still glad that we didn’t have to test that though!

The landscaping is the last item we have to complete and despite the balmy March weather we’ve been having, we’re a little hesitant to plant grass yet.  It will be coming soon though.  If you’d like to see the future landscape plan, you can see it here.

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