Last Word on Walorski/Donnelly

November 16, 2010

Politics, Rants

government, Rants

The Walorski/DonnellyCongressional Race for the Indiana 2nd District was a pretty bitter fight.  It was a pretty tight race up to and including the final days of the race.  Interestingly, there was a Libertarian, Mark Vogel, in the race.  I consider myself fairly politically savy, but I was unaware the third candidate until the weekend before the election when I received a glossy mailer touting Mr. Vogel as the “true conservative” in the race.

Mark Vogel Campaign Flyer Front

Mark Vogel Campaign Flyer Back

Despite serious campaign fatigue it caught my eye because of some of the positions being proclaimed, such as abolishing the IRS and the income tax.  All of them were conservative to the extreme.

Looking at it a little further, another thing caught my eye… The return address:  The Indiana Democratic Party!

Whether you want to call it dirty pool or extremely smart politics, apparently the Indiana Democratic Party didn’t think Joe Donnelly could beat Jackie Walorski in a head to head battle, so chose to spend precious dollars on promoting the third candidate.  Also, it appears they were right since the majority of those voting did not vote for Mr. Donnelly.   According to Mr. Vogel’s website, the ad was sent without his knowledge or consent, nor was it sent with the consent of the Libertarian Party.  A complaint has been filed with the FEC for violations of Federal election laws.

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