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November 20, 2010

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Recap of Community Conversation in the Pilot News, November 18, 2010

I was pleased to see a diverse representation of our County at the Community Conversation last Wednesday.  Unfortunately I had a prior commitment and was unable to participate in the entire program, but I was able to hear the keynote speaker, Richard Longworth, as he spoke about the challenges Marshall County faces.  He also took questions from the audience, which were insightful as well as indicative of where those in attendance thought we were headed.

Second Page of Pilot News Article

I hope this is the first of many such “conversations” about Marshall County’s direction for the future.  Plymouth has just completed a Wheels of Progress survey.  Culver’s Second Century Committee is in the process of reexamining their goals.  I’m sure the other communities in Marshall County have their own steering committees to plan for the future.  If I took anything out of the conversation Wednesday, it was that we all need to shake off the boundaries imposed by towns, counties and states.  We should allow ourselves to think regionally and market ourselves in the same manner.  Otherwise we will continue to  be left behind.  Mr. Longworth indicated that the Midwest didn’t just enter a recession two years ago, but is 30-40 years into a recession that could last a century if we’re not careful.  Something for all of us to think about!

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