Entry Level Housing Sample

Earlier this month Bill Hollingsworth, an Affordable Housing Developer, made a presentation to some of the key leaders involved in Culver’s Entry Level Housing Task Force.  The presentation was a combination of education for the Task Force members as well as an introduction to his company and the work he has completed in this arena.  He is currently working on a building rehabilitation project for an artist enclave which he was able to fit under the Affordable Housing umbrella.

As part of his presentation, he included some pictures of a new construction Affordable Housing project.  I thought I would share those pictures here.  The Affordable Housing moniker has some negative connotations.  This helped dispel that concern with the task force.

The Sand Hill Farm property is under consideration for this project.  It would require a PUD zoning in order to complete a project similar to what is shown here, but I think it would be a welcome addition to Culver’s housing stock.  At this point Mr. Holllingsworth has made an initial contact and has shown interest in pursuing this project.  The task force is hoping to leverage this into additional market based housing as well.

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