Half Century Award

I received a notice yesterday that we have been selected to be part of the the IEDC’s 2o18 Century and Half-Century Award Class. Figured I’d better go ahead and apply now since the award may not be around in 10 years when our Century in business rolls around. Plus I probably won’t be here to fill out the paperwork in 10 years! (I need to change our tagline on the home page! We’re at 90 years now!)

It’s particularly remarkable for Easterday Construction to make this milestone as a family business. Very few family businesses make it past the 2nd generation, let alone into the 4th as we have. I’m sure that Great Grandpa Easterday didn’t plan for this since he didn’t even bother to keep the records of our actual start date!

Those of us working here now can only take a little of the credit, as we’re standing on the shoulders of those that came before us. I will be honoring them when I accept this award.

So I get to go down to the Statehouse on April 11th to receive the award. Maybe I’ll get a photo op with Governor Holcomb… or maybe¬†Henry! I’ll report back here afterwards.

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