DST – Another Washington Boondoggle

Image borrowed from www.hudsonhorizons.com

So here we are starting another round of Daylight Savings Time Hell.    I can walk around the house and move all the clocks forward by an hour, but my internal clock doesn’t reset that easily.  I’ll be grumpy in the morning for the next couple of weeks.

In a previous post here, I discuss learning that most countries don’t participate in the DST sham.  So why should it surprise me that Washington would jump on the band wagon for this program?  It even has a typical, false advertising name like so much Washington legislation.  Daylight Savings Time…  There are no savings with this…  It’s just a compressed version of Robbing Peter To Pay Paul that is a signature of so much that comes out of Washington.  Can you say Affordable Care Act?  What about the Social Security Lockbox that doesn’t exist to save the money currently being  put into the program.  Like I said… I’m grumpy…

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