Solar Roadways

Artist’s rendition of downtown Sandpoint, Idaho – Home of Solar Roadways Graphic design by Sam Cornett

I ran across this site for Solar Roadways the other day.  This is a pretty cool concept if they can get it off the ground.  The basic concept is to “pave” roads and sidewalks with durable solar panels.  Not only would they generate electricity, theoretically paying for themselves, but also have benefits:

  1. Lighted Pavement Markings, which would be below the surface.  They would never need to be “restriped” and would be visible at night.
  2. They would have internal heating elements to melt snow in the winter time.
  3. Power street lights, stop lights, etc.
  4. They could post emergency messages or warnings.
  5. Include sensors that could alert motorists to problems down the road.

It seems like there are lots of possibilities if this works out.  It’s conceivable that every home could have a driveway from this material as supplemental power.

The company is generating funds from a Federal Highway Grant as well as crowdfunding.  (Linked at their site.)  Check them out.  They have a lot of cool pictures… some conceptual and some actual prototypes.

Image Source:  Solar Roadways

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